Chair: Carol McGinty

The Fund Raising Committee focuses on raising money to for our “Giving Back to the Community” initiative. Funds raised in past years have been used to:

  • Financial assistance for children to attend the summer arts camp at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
  • Winchester Thurston’s scholarship aid program
  • Installation of bike racks throughout Shadyside
  • Block Watch signs in connection with our Public Safety Committee’s neighborhood Block Watch program
  • “Welcome to Our Neighborhood” packets for new neighbors

Future giving back to the community projects may include:

  • Participation in planning and implementing the planting of a public garden
  • Purchase and installation of a public bench near the Ellsworth Avenue pedestrian bridge

The Shadyside Action Coalition raises money for giving back to the community through:

  • Sales of the book, “Pittsburgh’s Shadyside”
  • Your annual membership dues
  • The Shadyside House Tour