Board Members

Shadyside Action Coalition Board

SAC adopted a rule by committee structure in the late fall of 2012 after a majority of the dues paying members voted in favor.

The by-laws are currently undergoing revision to reflect this change and will be submitted to the dues paying members for a vote and then submitted to the IRS for approval in order to maintain a 501.c.3 status as a charitable community organization.

The individuals who agreed to participate in the committee structure are:

Gloria Ashcraft
Betsy Bean
Dennis Downey
Carol McGinty
Blair Stackhouse
Vickie Toner
David Wasieleski
Kevin Kunak agreed to advise on zoning issues
Brian Janes agreed to function as treasurer

Focused Group Leads are:

Fundraising: Carol McGinty
Membership/Marketing: Susan McGinty
Public Safety Dennis Downey

Shadyside Action Coalition
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Phone/Voicemail: (412) 361-3771
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