Board Members

Shadyside Action Coalition Board

SAC adopted a rule by committee structure in the late fall of 2012 after a majority of the dues paying members voted in favor.

The by-laws are currently undergoing revision to reflect this change and will be submitted to the dues paying members for a vote and then submitted to the IRS for approval in order to maintain a 501.c.3 status as a charitable community organization.

The individuals who agreed to participate in the committee structure are:
Gloria Ashcraft
Kevin Kunak
Carol McGinty
Blair Stackhouse

Focused Group Leads are:

Fundraising: Carol McGinty
Membership/Marketing: Susan McGinty

Zoning: Kevin Kunak

Shadyside Action Coalition
PO Box 10149
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone/Voicemail: (412) 361-3771
Our Facebook page is at